Friday, 17 August 2007

Robert Mugabe backwards reads Trebor Ebagum

Yesterday, 16 August 2007, the Southern African Development community conference met in Lusaka. The leaders of the Southern African Countries were all present. Each leader was introduced to polite applause. One leader, and only one leader was given a standing ovation. Thunderous applause. A leader amongst leaders. The recipient of this ovation smiled benignly at his admirers before taking up his seat next to Thabo Mbeki.

Here in the western world we seek to vilify Mr Mugabe - Uncle Bob as his hungry but affectionate subjects refer to him. We accuse him of all kinds of failings and imply his record in respect of - prejudice, selfishness, megalomania, greed, thuggishness, buffoonery, delusion and above all corruption whose consequences has diminished the lives of millions - is an indication of his unsavory character.
Western press even seek to impugn the reputation of Africa's powerful leader, Thabo MBeki, for his admiration of Mr Mugabe and his achievements.

And yet. The truth is – Mr Mugabe remains a hero to the vast majority of Black Africans. Always has been.

How then did recognition of a man’s achievements become polarised along racial lines?

Are we against Mugabe because he is Black, or because he is an evil man performing evil deeds. And if he is an evil man performing evil deeds, why does he enjoy the unqualified support of the Black African leaders. Either we are wrong, or they are all wrong.

Is Truth subject to a color consideration?

Is the anti Mugabe/Mbeki axis of evil further evidence of the iron bond of racist moral turpitude that runs through the veins of those blinded by their own prejudice.

There is an ocean of difference between the opinions of those leaders clapping Mr Mugabe and the vast majority of Western opinion. One obvious reason for this difference in interpretation is color. How many white folk are Pro Mugabe?

The Mugabe support phenomenon is an illustration of the consequences of mitigating logic by color. His support is delineated entirely by color. Not on a logical interpretation of his policies and conduct.

Mugabe is therefore a paragon of racist logic. An extension of the moral turpitude that is ultimately responsible for allowing Mugabe to continue unchecked and that continues to infuse South Africans with the hazy delusion that reality is what you believe it to be. Irrespective of factual consideration. Truth is after all what you choose to believe.

One truth for Mr Mbeki is that many hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans that were starving outside Uncle Bob's mansions will now be starving in South Africa.

Perhaps Mr Mbeki will ask uncle Bob for advice on how to deal with them.

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