Tuesday, 20 November 2007

The Springbok, his wife and Oeloff.

It seems South Africa's predilection for Moral turpitude finds its apogee within the legal profession. Take this fellow. Oeloff De Meyer. Mr De Meyer represents former Springbok James Dalton. James Dalton's wife, Andrea claims that he has assaulted her on numerous occasions since their marriage in 2003, including a recent drink fueled murder attempt involving a knife, a bathtub, a drowning attempt and a sequence of unsavory assault details.

In light of accusations of serial spousal abuse and the allegation of attempted murder, Dalton's lawyer, Mr. De Meyer has this pronouncement on his clients predicament.

"As far as I'm concerned, discussions will continue to resolve this little problem."

Only in South Africa (or possible Zimbabwe) would a officer of the Court feel it appropriate to describe the serial abuse of a woman (by a hefty rugby player with an established reputation for violent conduct) as 'a little problem.'

My sympathies rest with this gentleman's wife who must surely consider her position in light of this insight into his views on wife battery.

Nice one Oeloff. Conforming to the South African stereotype that we know and love.