Monday, 25 June 2007

Easy Money

Its like this if you are down and out and looking for easy money. In South Africa they have copper and aluminium buried in the ground. And in China and India they pay good money for this. So all you have to do is go and find these lines where they bury the copper and aluminium and dig them up. Then you strip off that black plastic stuff they wrap around it, and before you know it you have the money from your hard earned mining enterprise.

Another good way is where you knock over these big wooden poles. They carry lots of this stuff. Sometimes though the black cable does a big bite and so people can die from doing this, but mostly its OK if you have the tools to cut away the cable.

Its great work for the unemployed in South Africa, and its catching. Last year SA officials claim over 100 miles of cable was stolen in this way, plunging entire suburbs into darkness.

One mile of cable contains copper and aluminium with a resale scrap value of R10,000. Replacing one mile of electric pylon and cable costs around R5,000,000. And so as this example illustrates, everyones a winner.

Another example of the fruits of good governance. Work for all.

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